Weight Loss

You Are Your Own Gym

I have a friend who once made the mistake of moaning to me that he was so unfit and because he is a lorry driver by trade he never knows where he is going to be on any given night. He asked me… “How can I get to a gym when I don’t know where [...]


Why Calorie Restricted Diets make you FATTER!

Have you ever noticed how after you’ve finished a diet the weight you worked so hard to lose starts creeping back and before you know it, you’re back to the weight you were pre-diet? Even worse, you might find yourself even heavier than ever before? The reason for this is very simple. Dieting makes you [...]


I’m a personal trainer in Coventry and can help with weight loss goals.  Whether it’s pounds or stones you need to shift, I am experienced with working with clients with obesity challenges. Weight Loss can be a tough ride, especially with the temptations appearing almost daily for ‘that treat’. I can help design the right [...]

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